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Managed Services

SMART Managed Services offers a wide array of IT and allied services necessary for the day to day operations of every enterprise. In line with our tagline “Architecting IT solutions” we are experts in performing all the tasks critical core operations in an efficient and effective manner so that you can focus on business growth. Our customized managed services solutions have been developed with your needs in mind including a mix of infrastructure services, BPO services , Data Center hosting, Cloud based services, Virtualization & Backup, recovery and archiving.

  Reliable   Cost Effective   Robust   Flexible

SMART Managed Services can help Enterprises manage and deploy multi-vendor environments, save money, focus on strategic applications, remain agile and reduce risk.
Modern CIOs are frequently caught between a rock and a hard place. Technology is seen as a key driver of innovation and efficiency, but business priorities change quickly and the CIO is often struggling to catch up. However, the increasing complexity of the IT and communications environment is using up valuable resources and IT projects can take up to a year to plan and deploy.
SMART Managed services can help these beleaguered CIOs by taking away the headache of running and deploying a converged infrastructure.
It helps a particular organization IT staff to focus on their core competencies rather than juggling with IT challenges. Most of all SMART Managed Services helps organizations to be proactive rather than reactive to avoid major IT failures. Once they sign up for provision of managed services it enables their IT operations to be controlled by industry experts with superior support.
Moreover, huge infrastructure and CAPEX savings are reduced where an organization transitions and delegates its operations to a dedicated Managed Services provider. This not only improves its IT operations but also enhances employee's productivity and simultaneously reducing frustration due to downtimes.

Manage Multi-vendor, Multitechnology Environments Effectively

Deploy new Networks and Technology

Reduce Spending on non-strategic Activity

Remain Agile and Meet Strategic Business Priorities

Minimize Business Risk
What is the cost when your network is down?

25 employees with average salary of $5/hour 1 hour of downtime = $125 productivity cost

Managed Services reduces cost of time